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circa_1762's Journal

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anime, ape-o-nauts, apes in space, aphex twin, art blakey, baseball, batman, bebop, beck, belle and sebastian, big black, biking, boards of canada, bob dylan, boris, brendon small, brian eno, built to spill, byah!, charles mingus, chrono trigger, classic rock, clerks, clone high, computers, contra iii, david bowie, dinosaur jr, dragon force, drawing, earthbound, echo & the bunnymen, emerson lake and palmer, ennio morricone, face melting music, family guy, flash, flcl, football, football in the groin, frank zappa, funkadelic, futurama, gaming, gang of four, gears of war running, ghostbusters, godspeed you! black emperor, grover washington jr, guitar, guitar wolf, ha reb, half-life, halo, halo parties, hard bop, harvey birdman, herbie hancock, home movies, i wanna party, indie rock, intelligent conversation, interpol, jackson pollock, jazz, jimi hendrix, john cale, john coltrane, joy division, karate, katamari damacy, kendo, kid chameleon, kraftwerk, kung fu, lou reed, louis armstrong, love, martial arts, marvel civil war, marvel vs capcom, metal gear solid, mike oldfield, miles davis, milkman, music, nick drake, nintendo, pablo picasso, pavement, photography, photoshop, playstation, psp, pulp, radiohead, reeeee, reeing, resident evil, rolling stones, roxy music, ruining books of knowledge, sammies, sarcasm, sega, shooting zombies off ladders, silver jews, sketching, slide tackles, smog, sonic, sonic youth, sonny rollins, spiritualized, spoon, star wars, star wars battlefront, stephen colbert, stephen malkmus, super nintendo, t.rex, tae kwon do, talking heads, television(the band), ten years after, the beatles, the boondocks, the clean, the flaming lips, the jazz messengers, the jicks, the kinks, the real ghostbusters, the rolling stones, the simpsons, the stooges, the velvet underground, the walking dead, unintentional comedy, uriah heep, video games, vincent van gogh, vitalic, wonder showzen, woody allen, xbox, xtc, yo la tengo, zombies ate my neighbors